Relax… This is ambient music.

Ambient music producer and coffee drinker Beck West brings you QWE.FM, a freeform stream of audio escapism. The mix revolves around Atmospheres, where layers of original sonic comfort food combine and collide in a constantly evolving soundscape. Bask in the textures. Revel in the dissonance. Savor the happy accidents and enjoy the ride….

Beck’s Music

Beck West makes ambient soundscapes for your long walks to quiet places…

Indigo Barrage: A haunting transmission from an unseen world filled with sinister voices crying out as they wail away on primitive devices. Ghosts in the machine lurk around every corner on this sonic excursion.

Glacial Cab Ride: You’re in the back seat of a taxi that is crawling through heavy traffic. Don’t worry about the meter running. The universe is picking up your fare. Pop on your earbuds and listen to this.

Incidental Tomato: The soundtrack for spending a long, dark night in a hydroponic greenhouse.

Pliable Wilderness: A mysterious red carpet is rolled out across uncharted terrain. This is the music that plays while you walk.

Beck and QWE.FM on YouTube

You can check out QWE.FM videos on YouTube

Live stream events of Beck’s Atmospheres with Idea Cards by HowWouldYou are found here.

“Coffee is my grind. Making ambient music is my jam.”

Connect with Beck on Twitter (@TheBeckWest), where he shares thoughts, quotes and pictures from his table at a virtual café.

The next best thing to hanging out with Beck is to check out the eclectic mix of instrumental music that inspires him. You can listen to his Sounds Like Beck West playlist on Spotify and Pandora.

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